714 Always Change

  • “How are things going?”
  • Never ask myself.
  • Never have a good answer.
  • Because things are always changed.
  • Life is one of the things.
  • That changed by the time.
  • Sometime happy. Sometime sad.
  • Happy for a day, might be sad for a year.
  • Sad for a year, might be happy for a decade.
  • So, who knows.
  • Today my life might go down.
  • Because it is raining.
  • I really don’t like raining.
  • It makes me feel sick (even I’m not)
  • But someday, it will stop.
  • And the sky will be bright like it was before.
  • This is so simple.
  • Up and Down. Left and Right. Black and White.
  • And a moment between them.

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